What does success look like at a trade show? It's about making a strong impression and showcasing innovation. Among industry leaders and tech enthusiasts, the atmosphere hums with eagerness for the latest in printing technology. Imagine being part of a booth that decided to launch...

RISO announces its latest device - the VALEZUS T1200, a single engine cut sheet inkjet printer with an 8,000 sheet capacity.  This new VALEZUS production printer was launched to the North American market on Oct. 19, 2023 at the PRINTING UNITED EXPO, in Atlanta, GA. Click...

When I was hired at RISO Inc, I learned that our inkjet products cater to eight target markets: production, religion, education, government, financial, medical, non-profit, and commercial. It amazed me how diverse these markets were, what with production and religion lying at opposite ends of...

Welcome to the new RISO Inc. blog! We are excited you are here reading and joining as we explore the print industry, RISO Inkjet, and the innovative solutions RISO Inc has to offer. In this blog our goal is to offer insights into the print...

RISO, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of two new models to our cut sheet inkjet printer lineup.  Introduced to the public for the first time at the Printing United 2022 trade show in October, we proudly present the ComColor GL7430 and the GL9730,...

NEWS – For Immediate Release RISO is now a North American reseller of the Solimar Chemistry™ Platform Woburn, MA – January 28, 2022 Solimar Systems, Inc., provider of leading workflow solutions for print production and digital communications, has confirmed a new partnership with RISO Inc., specialists in unique...

Announcing the full ComColor FT line from RISO!    RISO proudly presents five models of the ComColor FT series, now available in North America. •    The ComColor FT1430 RISO's first ever black-only inkjet printer model in North America, the 1430 delivers 140 PPM and accessories that expand its finishing...

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Article: Inkjet Brings Flexibility to Miami-Dade County In-Plant

Published on In-Plant Impressions, October 12, 202

Article - Dealer Forecast for 2021 Published in Business Technology, January, 2021 The cover story of the January issue of Office Technology features predictions from industry experts for 2021. Andre D'Urbano, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at RISO, Inc., shares his thoughts. Click here to read the...

RISO Inkjet Technology Turns 15 This year is the 15th anniversary of RISO's launch of their patented inkjet technology onto the world stage. Take a look at the progress here: [Click for larger image]  ...

Application Article: Join the Shift to Inkjet

Published in Mailing Systems Technology Magazine, July/Aug 2019

The need for speed, color and reliability has never been greater, which may explain the growing shift to inkjet over the past 10 years.

Color is Not a Bridge Too Far: The Case for Inkjet in the Office

Published on The Imaging Channel on April 1, 2019

Advances in inkjet technology are changing how businesses think about color printing when it comes to costs.  Modern inkjets are highly reliable, low maintenance and are just as fast, if not faster, than their laser counterparts.

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RISO Launches New ComColor Express RS1100C RIP

Burlington, MA – January 2, 2019
RISO, Inc. announces the launch of its new raster image processor, the ComColor Express RS1100C. This is the company’s latest advance in RIP software,

Our RISO digital duplicators have always been loved by schools and educators at every level - but art schools have a special relationship with our devices.  One such school

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RISO To Showcase Inkjet At PRINT18

ComColor GD Series, New T2 Configuration Featured in Chicago

Burlington, MA – August 30, 2018
RISO, Inc. will be exhibiting its full array of inkjet products at Booth 3611 of PRINT18

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RISO “Change the Conversation” Roadshow Coming to Atlanta

Successful Philadelphia Event Prompts Interest

Burlington, MA – May 30, 2018
The RISO Roadshow is underway! June 12, 2018 will be the second of four “Change the Conversation” roadshows, an event for RISO dealers only

Andre D'Urbano has no time for black-and-white pages. Riso's director of dealer sales and corporate marketing is on a mission to migrate monochrome printed pages to color, and he knows exactly which vehicle can bring this about: the inkjet press. "We are trying to bring the...

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RISO "Business Inkjet" Printer Delivers Savings

FW 5000 Inkjet Printer Provides Full Color at a Cost of 2.5 Cents Per Page

Burlington, MA – March 7, 2018
RISO, Inc. announces that the company’s ComColor FW5000 inkjet printer is “changing the conversation” about office print strategies.

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RISO, Inc. Releases New Two-Color, One-Pass Digital Duplicator

RISO, Inc. Leads the Way in Power, Speed and Precision

Burlington, MA – March 1, 2018
RISO, Inc. announces the North American release of the company’s latest advance in digital duplicating, the MF9450 Digital Duplicator. 

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RISO, Inc. Releases New High-Speed Digital Duplicator

SF9490 Delivers Both Speed and Resolution

Burlington, MA – December 13, 2017
RISO, Inc. announces the North American release of the company’s latest advance in digital duplicating, the SF9490 Digital Duplicator.

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Inkjet Has Arrived at PRINT17

RISO, Inc. Enjoys Record-Setting Results in Chicago

Burlington, MA – October 10, 2017
The PRINT17 trade show has resulted in great success for RISO, Inc., which has posted a record number of sales orders for the five-day event over previous years.

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL September 10-14, 2017 Held every four years, PRINT 17 is the largest gathering of print and graphic communications buyers, decision makers and suppliers in North America.

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RISO, Inc. Wins BLI Pick for Summer 2017 in the Digital Duplicator Category

Burlington, MA – July 5, 2017
Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) recently announced the recipients of its prestigious Pick awards for the Summer 2017 season for outstanding products, and the RISO SF5130 has won the award for “Outstanding Digital Duplicator”.