RISOgraphy:  The Art of RISO

All school art departments want to allow their students the opportunity to produce beautiful work. Some schools are doing it better than the rest, thanks to the addition of one unique piece of equipment. The RISO duplicators.

Located at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, the RISO Lab was founded as an interdisciplinary space for printing, publishing, and the production of Risograph work. Their mission is to be a hub of small-scale and experimental publishing activity bringing together artists of all disciplines to encourage dialogue across different creative worlds.

SVA was trying to help their students facilitate self-publishing. They did not have access to efficient, automated, vibrant, color reproduction until they brought in RISO units. The program has blossomed with 10 different colors and three 2-color machines.

With a RISO Printer you can make an additional 100-200 books with the quality of a fine art print edition that looks like it was printed in a traditional print shop for almost no time and very little money. Teaching about Risograph is a great tool about printing in general. It combines a lot of different forms of printmaking from screen printing, offset printing, color management and technical aspects like setting up files.”

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Recommended Unit

The MH9450 Digital Duplicator

The single-pass, two-color digital duplicator empowers graphic artists to produce high-impact spot color documents quickly, easily, and economically.

icon-ppm150 ppm

icon-sheet-capacity1000 sheet capacity

*The above results are calculated using the continuous print speed of each device and does not consider all conditions of use. Please use these results a reference only.

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