Welcome to the Ink Drops Blog!

Welcome to the Ink Drops Blog!

Welcome to the new RISO Inc. blog! We are excited you are here reading and joining as we explore the print industry, RISO Inkjet, and the innovative solutions RISO Inc has to offer. In this blog our goal is to offer insights into the print world, industry news and tips related to RISO Inkjet and our target applications.

So, who is RISO Inc? I’m glad you asked! We have been at the forefront of print innovation for over 70 years, continuously developing technologies to fill a gap in the print industry and transform how organizations manage their print operations. Our commitment to innovation has made us a global leader in digital printing solutions.

The core of our technology is RISO Inkjet which has transformed high-speed, high-volume printing. Traditional printing methods often come with limitations whether it be speed, cost, size or reliability. RISO Inkjet brings an ideal balance of efficiency, affordability, versality, and durability.

One of our leading products, the ComColor GL series represents the power of our inkjet technology. It is widely acclaimed for its remarkable speed and unparalleled reliability within a compact footprint. The VALEZUS with print speeds of up to 320 images per minute (that’s 160 pages per minute duplexed), ensures lightning-fast results with great reliability thanks to a short, straight paper path. Whether you need to produce invoices, newsletters, direct mailers, or educational materials, RISO products enable you to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

RISO Inkjet brings a wide range of features and benefits to any printing operation:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: RISO Inkjet offers high speed printing ranging from 160 pages per minute all the way up to 320 pages per minute with our VALEZUS device. This rapid production and greater efficiency allows you to meet those tight deadlines and streamline your workflow.
  2. Affordability: Color printing no longer has to be a luxury thanks to RISO’s affordable spot color printing capabilities. Research shows including color in your materials increases their impact and effectiveness. RISO technology helps you can maintain cost savings while still creating eye-catching documents.
  3. Versatility: Thanks to our short, straight paper path our technology can handle a variety of media types addressing a wide range of printing needs. From text-heavy documents to unique substrates such as envelopes and NCR, RISO Inkjet adapts to different printing requirements making it a great fit for diverse industries with multiple needs.
  4. Reliability and Durability: You should never have to question if you will be able to hit a deadline or handle high volume again. With a duty cycle of 750k impressions the ComColor GL series brings a level of confidence to your print operation. Our no heat process and simple design ensure a greater level of reliability than the competition.

As you can see, there is a lot that RISO Inc. brings to the print industry, and this is just the beginning. In future blog posts we will discuss industry trends, share success stories, provide practical tips, and keep you updated on the latest from RISO Inc. Whether you’re a business professional, educator, print service provider, or simply a printing enthusiast, we hope there will be something valuable for everyone. Stay connected with us and be part of our growing community. Subscribe to this blog, follow us on social media, and engage with our content through comments and shares!