What Problems Does Inkjet Solve?

What Problems Does Inkjet Solve?

The printing market is full of various solutions for all sorts of printing needs.  One of the most well-known solutions

of course, is toner printing.  Toner printing can solve many problems, but at a hefty price.  If you look around a little more, here comes an Inkjet solution.  A more affordable and fast way to print what you need and move forward in your process. 

So, what kind of problems can Inkjet solve, exactly? 

Great question!  Inkjet is great for envelopes, NCR and any type of document in between.  Need to print homework for a class full of students, but on a time crunch?  RISO Inkjet printers can get you in and out of the printing room quickly.  Also, because there’s no toner the paper comes out cold, flat and dry.  This means no smudging and no paper curling.  You’re ready to hand out that homework immediately (whether it gets back to you is a different matter). 

RISO’s Inkjet printers are also a great compliment to a larger print environment.  It’s a cost-efficient way to keep a process moving, and because the printers plug into a standard 110V outlet, you can put them anywhere that has space.  The accessories are a plenty, from stapling and hole punching, to wrapping up envelopes and binding a book.   

Also, the ability to print variable data on a RISO Inkjet printer can go a long way toward helping save costs.  Due to that ability, it’s easy to print all different types of envelopes, then turn around and print all the different bills that are going into those envelopes.  Imagine doing all of that and still being able to get everything out on time because there’s no waiting for things to cool down.  That’s the power of RISO Inkjet! 

Wait, how does this work without heat? 

Well, the paper absorbs the ink, which allows it to dry immediately.  Due to the lack of a heater, the paper won’t curl either.  Also, no heat means no HVAC is needed to ventilate the room, which ends up being another way to save.  It also means being able to work in an environment that isn’t constantly hot, which is a great benefit especially if the printer is running all day printing out things such as energy bills or report cards. 

Due to RISO Inkjet targeting about 5-12% coverage, with a max of 20%, it’s not abnormal at all for prints to cost less than a penny.  Inkjet delivers spots of color when it’s most needed, such as when pointing out grand totals, logos and other important information that you want to draw attention to.   

Traditional toner uses heat to bake into the paper, which can get messy and expensive, and the heating process can cause increased chances of paper jams which slows everything down.  There are also less parts in an inkjet printer due to the lack of heat, and less parts also lead to less calls to the maintenance department.  Which means more time to get everything printed and out the door! 

Inkjet is here to stay, it can take your hospital, school, church, government office or in-plant to the next level – all while saving money.  Check out the RISO GL9730 to get started!