Inkjet Printers

ComColor®FT Series

Ultra High-Speed, Full-Color, Inkjet Printers

Where environmental friendliness and productivity unite.

Cleaner and Friendlier

RISO’s environmental ethos is—and always has been—to design and develop products that exert the smallest possible impact on the environment throughout their lifecycles.

  • Low energy consumption: Operates on standard power. Does not generate heat like toner printers.
  • Virtually no harmful emissions: Low volumes of VOCs*. No toner particle emissions.
  • Low resource consumption: High-durability design means few replacement parts. Inkjet printers do not require consumables (drum, fuser unit, etc.) like toner printers.
  • Low TEC** value: Low energy consumption even during continuous high-speed printing. Energy efficiency vastly superior to other printers operating at same speed.

Smarter and Faster

Enjoy enhanced time efficiency, optimized TCO, and consistently high quality that only
RISO can deliver.

  • High speed, high productivity: First print time of less than 5 seconds. 1,000 sheets in only 7 minutes.
  • High reliability: Simple inkjet mechanism is durable and requires few replacement parts. Low maintenance.
  • High usability: Intuitively designed user interface. 90-degree tilt panel for easy viewing.

*VOCs: Volatile organic compounds.
**TEC value: Typical Electricity Consumption. This value represents electricity consumed in one week, and is based on the international ENERGY STAR standard.
The TEC value is the value published on the ENERGY STAR website.
Values on these pages are specifications of the ComColor FT5430.

ComColor FT 1430

Compact and feature-rich to improve efficiency.

icon-ppm140 ppm

icon-sheet-capacity2000 sheet capacity

icon-paper-size3 feed trays


ComColor FT 5430

Impressive full-color printing with low cost.

icon-ppm140 ppm

icon-sheet-capacity2000 sheet capacity

icon-paper-size3 feed trays

icon-fastHigh speed

The ComColorExpress RS1100C

Dedicated RIP for the ComColor FT and GD Series

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