Setting Sail on the Blue Ocean of Light Production Print with RISO

Setting Sail on the Blue Ocean of Light Production Print with RISO

As the Sales Trainer for RISO Inc. I constantly seek innovative strategies to assist sales teams towards success. Which is why I was excited to see the insightful article “Setting Sail on the Blue Ocean of Light Production Print,” written by our sales director, Andre D’Urbano. I was intrigued by the concept of the blue ocean, so in this blog, let’s explore how the Blue Ocean Strategy can guide those selling RISO to thrive in the dynamic world of light production print.


First let’s start by understanding the Blue Ocean of Light Production Print. The blue ocean concept encourages businesses to explore uncharted territories with untapped potential, rather than competing in crowded markets (red ocean). In his article, Andre identifies light production print as a blue ocean, brimming with opportunities for growth and innovation. Considering our RISO Inkjet product line-up, we possess a powerful arsenal to navigate these “unexplored waters.” These cutting edge solutions offer personalized and on-demand printing options, perfectly aligning with the ever changing needs of modern consumers.


As I reflected on the blue ocean concept, I found several ways to apply it to a sales team’s approach on a broader scale. Here are some key elements:

  1. Product Differentiation: RISO Inkjet products have unique features and benefits that set them apart from competitors. By emphasizing these differentiators, we can showcase the exceptional value they bring to clients.
  2. Targeting Niche Markets: The blue ocean strategy encourages us to identify untapped markets where we can excel. By focusing on niche industries or specific applications, we can become pioneers in these segments.
  3. Maximizing Customer Value: Understanding and addressing customer needs is vital. By offering tailored solutions and cost-efficient options, we can maximize the value provided to clients.
  4. Innovation and Flexibility: The blue ocean approach requires adaptability and openness to change. By both innovating and staying agile we will be able to respond effectively to evolving market demands.


Applying Blue Ocean Strategy to RISO Inkjet Products: Although Andre wrote his article in general terms for the industry, it is no shock it closely aligns with the distinct advantages and benefits RISO Inkjet offers to this segment light production printing:

  1. Showcasing Unique Features: Our inkjet technology boasts features like cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and superior reliability and speed in a small footprint. Emphasizing these distinct advantages will appeal to discerning clients seeking innovative printing solutions.
  2. Exploring Niche Applications: RISO Inkjet products cater to specific applications, such as transactional printing and variable data printing in high volume environments. Targeting these niche markets will position us as specialists.
  3. Meeting Evolving Customer Demands: The versatility of our inkjet products allows us to address the growing demand for personalized and on-demand printing solutions. Adapting to customer needs ensures both the sales team and the customer remain ahead of the curve.
  4. Continuous Product Innovation: RISO’s commitment to research and development keeps our inkjet technology at the forefront of the industry. Highlighting our ongoing innovations reinforces our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions.


In conclusion, the Blue Ocean Strategy offers valuable insights that can be applied to any sales team and of course, RISO Inkjet products. As Andre explains in his article, by focusing on product differentiation, targeted markets, customer value, innovation, and collaborative partnerships, we can chart a course towards success in the blue ocean of light production print.