RISO: Communication Color

RISO: Communication Color

When I was hired at RISO Inc, I learned that our inkjet products cater to eight target markets: production, religion, education, government, financial, medical, non-profit, and commercial. It amazed me how diverse these markets were, what with production and religion lying at opposite ends of the spectrum. As each new hire joins, we discuss these same eight markets, and surprisingly, RISO Inkjet is a fit for all of them. But how does one product manage to suit the needs of such vastly different markets?

This question often sparks complex conversations during our new hire classes. However, I have come to realize that the answer boils down to a simple factor: the amount of color on the page. In this blog post, let’s delve into the concept of spot color and how it relates to RISO Inkjet and our target markets and applications.

Adding color to printed materials is often perceived as costly, and truth be told, it is. Despite copier manufacturers in the race to zero, the fact is color printing remains expensive. With everyone striving to tighten budgets and save money, one of the first cost-cutting measures often involves eliminating color printing. This trend is consistent across all the markets we serve.

Yet, it’s a shame to overlook the fact that including color can significantly enhance learning and retention by as much as 73%. This intriguing statistic reflects a catch-22 situation where printing fewer documents in color leads to reduced response rates, making printed materials appear irrelevant. Consequently, it seems even more impractical to invest in color printing.

Consider the impact of color when looking at a billing statement from a massive production shop or reading the weekly bulletin in your church on a Sunday. Color entices readers to engage more and better comprehend the message. It could be as simple as highlighting the due date on a bill or showcasing the funds raised at last weekend’s church cookout, but the presence of color matters.

However, it’s important to note that we’re not talking about fully painted pages or elaborate artwork. Instead, it’s about incorporating touches of color here and there, in just a few spots on the page—hence why we refer to it as “spot color” at RISO. Our inkjet technology was designed precisely for this purpose, allowing affordable color to be added strategically without straining budgets. Which is why our inkjet lineup is appropriately called the ComColor: communication color. We make communication easier through affordable color printing.