RISO: The View From the Trade Show Stage

RISO: The View From the Trade Show Stage

What does success look like at a trade show? It’s about making a strong impression and showcasing innovation. Among industry leaders and tech enthusiasts, the atmosphere hums with eagerness for the latest in printing technology. Imagine being part of a booth that decided to launch a brand new product at this show. Imagine that same booth is drawing people in with a level of fun amongst all the business happening. Are you excited to be part of that booth and the company hosting it? I know I was.

For the past seven years, I’ve been a part of RISO’s presence at the Printing United trade show (or a similar major Fall trade show). Unlike my previous role, trade shows weren’t a part of my responsibilities. During my time at RISO, I’ve taken on the role of presenter for the hourly stage presentation in our booth.

Looking back, seven years ago, the RISO booth was spacious but, to be candid, it lacked the liveliness it has now. This year, standing on the stage with a brand new product, never before seen in the United States, the pace was so invigorating that I could barely catch my breath. The booth was alive with activity.

How did we arrive at this point in just seven years? Well I would say it’s a combination of the industry evolving and RISO standing at the forefront of affordable inkjet technology. The RISO Inc. booth was a hub of activity, drawing in a steady stream of visitors eager to witness the future of production printing. Engaging demonstrations could be seen at every turn, showcasing RISO products and accessories like the VALEZUS T1200 and T2200, the Straight Shooter Envelope Feeder, Envelope Wrapping Finisher and more. Attendees left the booth with a tangible experience of RISO inkjet and its capabilities.

No doubt part of what brought people in from the aisle was the Valezus T1200 which was prominent on the stage and the focus of my hourly stage presentation. The T1200 offers hours of uninterrupted printing, reduced downtime and increased overall efficiency much like its dual-engine counterpart, the Valezus T2200. Its single-engine operation results in a compact 12-foot footprint, an evident contrast to competitors’ 23 and 33-foot inkjet devices. Coupled with speeds of 160 letter-size sheets per minute, the Valezus T1200 showcased a blend of speed, productivity, and profitability in a surprisingly small package.

Yet, it wasn’t all business in the booth. For a third year, the RISO Money Booth added an element of enjoyment. This interactive experience not only drew in attendees but also created memorable moments. Laughter and friendly bets filled the air as people tried to grab as much flying money as they could. This playful touch left a lasting impression.

Of course, success isn’t solely about making an impact; it’s about converting interest into tangible results. Our team at RISO Inc. went beyond generating leads; they closed deals. The number of orders signed in the booth exceeded all previous records, surpassing the remarkable success of Printing United 2022. Seven years ago, signing 12 orders was a milestone. Now, we’re signing ten times that amount. It’s a testament to the market’s direction and how RISO is shaping the future of production print.

The industry shift towards inkjet has been projected for years, evident in major players unveiling their own inkjet devices. Now, with budgets tighter than ever, businesses are seeking new revenue streams, and they’re finding their answers at shows like Printing United, clearly often choosing RISO.

Printing United stands as the highpoint event in RISO Inc.’s yearly calendar. Whether measuring success through product innovation and launches, steady booth traffic resulting in not only scanned leads but also signed orders, or the added element of enjoyment that makes a visit to the RISO booth unforgettable, looking back I have to say RISO Inc. unquestionably hit the mark.