Digital Front End

αStream Pro for RISO VALEZUS

αStream Pro is a high performance digital front end print controller that was designed for high-volume printing requirements and complex jobs. Native IPDS printing, and easy management of Postscript, PDF, and AFP files via a hot folder based spooler.

To be used with the following products:




Adobe Print Engine

PDF jobs are natively processed by the Adobe® PDF Print Engine, ensuring a perfect rendering management.

AFP Consortium

AFP files and IPDS streams are processed by a native IPDS RIP complying with the latest level IS/3 and MO:DCA GE (Graphic Arts) defined by the AFP consortium.

Imposition & Add-on Data

Management of complex impositions of pages (Front & Back). Redefine pages print order, rotate from 0° to 360°, or merge files with background or foreground (PDF, TIFF, JPEG). αStream Pro has the ability to add 1D or 2D barcodes containing counters, and create automatic insertion of blank pages for multi-file jobs with odd number of pages.

Spooler Features

  • Chaining up all kind of jobs (AFP, IPDS connection, PDF, PS, JPEG,TIFF, SVG, PNG,…), in any order
  • File submission by hot folders (JDF copy command support)
  • Independent setting, possible for each hot folder
  • Automatic deletion of jobs with settable delays
  • Support of archives (ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR) PDF, PS, EPS seen as a single job (e.g. 1000 PDF files with 2 or 3 faces per file and 200 PS files with 3, 4 or 5 faces per file)
  • Full and detailed jobs history & reporting
  • Automatic or manual export with ability to purge production logs simultaneously
  • Managing jobs priorities in the print queue Recovery Mode: Automatic, semi-automatic and manual

Security Features

  • tech.research Technology
  • Hard Disk Driver dedicated to erasing definitive files (GDPR)
  • Back-up & Restore Automatic Installation
  • Windows® Desktop Locked User Rights Manager
  • Microsoft® BitLocker

Exclusive Features

  • Full asymmetric resolution without point interpolation (E.g. 600 dpi x 300 dpi)
  • Simultaneous multi-resolution (front / back) for paper shrinking compensation after drying (SHRINK function)
  • Resolution with a floating precision (E.g. 601,203 dpi x 300.525 dpi)

Computer Hardward Configuration

Dell Precision 3460 XE SFF: Processor Intel® Core® I5-12500 32 GB RAM DDR4 512 M.2 SSD USB Restore Key USB License Protect Key (Dongle)

Dell Precision 3660: Processor Intel® Core® l5-12600K 32 GB RAM DDR5 512 M.2 SSD USB Restore Key USB License Protect Key (Dongle)

Computer Hardward Warranty

Dell Pro Support: 5 Years

Computer Operating System

Windows® 10 IoT LTSC 2021

Network Connection

Ethernet: 1000 Base-T/100 Base TX

Network Protocols


Input Data Streams

IPDS connection over TCP/IP


PDF Mono and Multi-Pages With and without transparency Level 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-5, PDF/VT

PostScript EPS, PS level 3 Mono and Multi-Pages

Graphic’Arts TIFF Mono and Multi-Pages With and without transparency




Color Management

Linearization Curves, ICC Profiles Devices Links, Rendering Intent, Color Mapping table for indexed or named colors (E.g. Pantone colors to CMYK, RGB or LAB color spaces), Passthrough color management for RGB and CMYK input colors: Ability to define a color directly by object type (text, vector graphics, images) encountered in files without applying color conversion

IPDS Supported Commands

Text: PTOCA1, 2, 3, 4

Vectors: GOCA DR/2V0, GOCA GRS3

Images: IM Image, IO Image, IOCA FS10, FS11, FS40, FS42, FS45

Image containers: JPEG, JPEG2000,GIF, PNG, TIFF mono and multi-pages with and without transparency, PDF mono and multi-pages with and without transparency

Font: LF1 SBCS/DBCS, LF3 Type1 PFB and CID-KEYED font, Containers TTF, TTC and OTF

Barcode: BCOCA BCD1 and BCD2

Color Management Resources: ICC profiles, Devices Links

IPDS Compatibility: Compliant to the AFP consortium IS/3 MO:DCA and MO:DCA GA

Software Maintenance/Upgrade

Maintenance and Up-Grade Annually