Making the Move To Inkjet: Now Is the Time

Making the Move To Inkjet: Now Is the Time

Article – Making the Move to Inkjet: Now Is the Time

Published on The Imaging Channel, April 15, 2020

Print may be important during a public health crisis, but what happens afterward?

What do Blockbuster, Sears and Kodak have in common? It’s not exactly what you think. There’s a common perception that they never saw it coming, but that’s not entirely true. In different ways, different people in those organizations did see the changes that were coming, and to varying degrees attempted to put programs and solutions in place that would compete with the changing environment. Often, though, it was just too little too late, and for one reason or another those plans ultimately failed. However, it’s not so much that no one saw the writing on the wall; it’s more like the timing was off, and timing, as they say, is everything.

In some ways, color printing has faced similar challenges. It’s been 60 years…

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By Andre D’Urbano, Director, Dealer Channel and Corporate Marketing, RISO, Inc.