Inkjet Has Arrived At PRINT17

Inkjet Has Arrived At PRINT17

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Inkjet Has Arrived at PRINT17

RISO, Inc. Enjoys Record-Setting Results in Chicago

Burlington, MA – October 10, 2017

The PRINT17 trade show has resulted in great success for RISO, Inc., which has posted a record number of sales orders for the five-day event over previous years.
  “We closed a lot of business at this show,” reported Kristina Donehew, Marketing Manager for RISO, Inc.  “Between the demos, the product showcase and the money booth, there was a lot of interest and a lot of activity.”

The showcased product at the RISO booth was the RISO T2, a high-speed cut-sheet duplexing device that can achieve output speeds comparable to that of roll-fed printers.  Also featured were several configurations of their ComColor Series of high-speed, full-color inkjet printers and a single-pass, two-color digital duplicator.

“Cut sheet inkjet technology has arrived in the marketplace,” declared Andre D’Urbano, RISO’s Director of Dealer Sales and Corporate Marketing.  “A few years ago, we were the only ones here with high-volume cut sheet inkjet devices.  You look around the floor here at the show today, and all the big players are coming out with cut sheet inkjets.  The technology has really taken hold.”

“We’re very pleased with the results from this show,” said Donehew.  “We really moved the needle.”

About RISO, Inc.

RISO, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of RISO Kagaku Corporation, Japan’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high-speed inkjet printers and digital duplicators. Their line of digital duplicators includes one- and two-color systems that reliably produce millions of copies at speeds of up to 185 sheets per minute, are environmentally friendly, and are easy and inexpensive to use. To learn more about RISO, Inc.’s product lines, visit or call 1-800-663-3031 x2.