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In the transactional industry, printing generally occurs during peak periods at the end of each month. This means that devices used for transactional printing are unused for the majority of the month and overworked on the last few days. During the peak printing days, time is of the essence and one cannot afford to have the device break down; durability and speed are key.

Heat-based technologies, like toner devices, are very likely to overheat and break down when overworked. RISO Inkjets, however, perform well under pressure, continuously producing cold, flat and dry output at up to 160 pages per minute. They are the perfect solution for second passes and reprints, delivering consistent output quality. RISO technology eliminates post-print inserting issues associated with paper curling and static, and can print both variable data inserts and envelopes of all sizes. RISO even offers an accessory called an Envelope Wrapping Finisher to ensure the protection of confidential information. The Envelope Wrapping Finisher is the industry’s first complete in-line print-to-mail solution engineered for high-volume output. With this accessory, one can print and insert up to six letter-sized pages, simplex or duplex, which are then wrapped and sealed in the envelope in a single pass, ready for posting without human intervention.

A large chunk of transactional documents are still printed in monochrome, despite the fact that color generates a 34 percent faster response rate (CAP Ventures). This is likely due to the fact that color is very costly on traditional toner devices, at upwards of 6 cents per page. RISO Inkjet makes color affordable at less than 2 cents per page. You can even make use of the blank spaces in your documents by adding transpromotional advertisements and coupons.

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