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I can’t recommend the RISO ComColor FT5430 enough!

As a graphic designer at an art school, I use it all the time for my projects, and it has been a total lifesaver. The fast printing speeds mean I can crank out a ton of high-quality prints in no time, which is crucial when I’m working on a deadline. Plus, the automatic duplex printing and color calibration features make sure every print comes out looking perfect. And let me tell you, the network connectivity has been a total game-changer – I can print from any device, which saves me so much time and hassle. Oh, and did I mention the low running costs? As an art school, we’re always looking for ways to save money, and the RISO ComColor FT5430 has definitely helped us do that. Overall, if you’re a graphic designer who needs a reliable and efficient printing solution, you can’t go wrong with the RISO ComColor FT5430.


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