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RISO Announces Two New Models to the RISO Inkjet Lineup for USA, Canada Market

North American launch of the FT5430 and the FT1430, 140ppm cut-sheet printers 

Woburn, MA – September 7, 2021

RISO, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of two new models to our cut sheet inkjet printer lineup:  we proudly introduce the ComColor FT5430 and the FT1430, now available in North America.

The ComColor FT5430 is a four-color cut sheet inkjet device with a rated speed of 140 PPM – faster than the FW models at 120.  Additional changes to the inks in the FT result in a truer, more vibrant black and increases in the color gamut, particularly in the cyan range, which allows for more faithful reproductions of color.

The ComColor FT1430 represents a first for RISO, Inc. as the first single-color inkjet printer the company has released for sale in the North American market.  Like the 5430, the FT1430 is rated at 140 PPM, but prints only in a single color, black.


Both models can be paired with a new additional 2,000 sheet feeder unit bringing the paper capacity to 4,000 sheets, and a newly designed Multi-Function Finisher accessory that increases both units’ versatility.

More information can be seen on these two new models at

About RISO, Inc.:

RISO, Inc., headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of RISO Kagaku Corporation, Japan’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high-speed inkjet printers and digital duplicators. RISO’s ComColor printers offer fast, affordable, environmentally friendly digital color at speeds of up to 320 images per minute. Its line of digital duplicators includes one- and two-color systems that reliably produce millions of copies, are environmentally friendly, and are easy as well as inexpensive to use. To learn more about RISO’s product lines, visit or call (978) 739-3401.