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Welcome to the IJ Club!

As a valued RISO dealer representative, we appreciate your efforts to remain up-to-date with our product information. The IJ Club simplifies that process by compiling tools and resources, sales messages, materials and examples all in one place for you.


What do you get as a member?

By joining the IJ club, you gain access to additional materials and resources, to keep you more knowledgeable about RISO and better able to sell new markets and new applications.  You will receive:

  • “Ink Drops” videos with information and updates, delivered every other week to your inbox
  • RISO RAP Book (Our exclusive inkjet sample book, broken out by vertical and containing ink coverage and cost information)
  • First access to our Inkjet Blog
  • Handy Resources and Tools for talking about RISO’s advantages and benefits
  • Exclusive promotions for RISO inkjet units
  • Cut Sheets and Comparison Information

And more!

    IJ Club Registration Form