FT v GL: What Makes Sense For You?

FT v GL: What Makes Sense For You?

Choosing the right printer can be difficult.

The last thing anyone needs is to buy a printer and realize it doesn’t actually fit your needs correctly. That’s a frustrating scenario, but one that’s entirely possible. There are many printers to choose from, and RISO has a few different options. Let’s focus on the ComColor FT and GL printers.

What’s the difference?

Well, let’s start with speed! The FT5430 prints at 140 pages per minute, while the GL9730 prints at 160 pages per minute. Those are the printers that are at the top of their respective lines, but let’s analyze further. The FT line starts at the ComColor FT1430, which prints at 140 pages per minute but strictly monochrome.

The next step up is the FT5000, which is slower at 108 pages a minute but is the first venture into full color printing. Both the FT5230 and 5231 print at 120 pages per minute. However, the 5231 only has one extra feed tray, so the total paper capacity in your printer will be lower.

Then there’s the FT5430. As we’ve mentioned it’s 140 pages per minute. It’s full color CMYK and a great compliment to an academic or government setting.

Adding an accessory like the Multi-Function Finisher, which can staple, hole punch, and create booklets, enhances its functionality. This printer is great because it allows you to print quickly and return to your main task without wasting time.

The ComColor GL series has 2 printers that are effective and offer unique features compared to the FT series. The GL7430 prints at 140 pages per minute, while the GL9730 prints at 160 pages per minute. Both have the addition of gray ink, which is something the FT series does not offer. The gray ink is used to enrich the black ink during printing, so it is used more sparingly and the lifespan of the ink cartridge is longer because of that.

The GL series is great for envelopes (it prints variable data, and you can print on standard window envelopes, no digital envelopes needed!), transactional documents that you just need to get out the door, and printing NCR. One of the most unique parts of the GL series is the ability to print NCR in large batches without any bruising occurring to the sheets.

Both the ComColor FT and GL series of printers are great options to add to your organization. Depending on your needs, they can be the sole printer that is used throughout the entire business, school or government building. It can also be a complimentary printer in a print shop with other various devices designed for different types of printing. These printers provide speed, efficiency and help cut costs, which in the long run helps your organization thrive.