“What Churches Print and How You Can Profit From this Huge Market” July 27, 2 PM ET

“What Churches Print and How You Can Profit From this Huge Market” July 27, 2 PM ET

RISO is partnered with Idealliance to host a webinar Thursday, July 27th at 2 PM ET, on how to reach one of the largest local nonprofits you’ve never considered.

Religious organizations are a massive subset of non-profits.  There are more churches in every town than any other one kind of business, they never shut down, and must constantly communicate with their membership. Yet despite this potential, many printers don’t know how to market to and service the church market.

Our presenter, Yvon Prehn, has worked both with churches and the print industry for over 20 years.  In this webinar, she will show you how effectively market to and serve this specialized print niche.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Trends that challenge the print industry’s interactions with churches, and how to address them successfully
  • How to approach a religious organization – asking the right questions to determine what they need
  • The kinds of applications that they print
  • The value of seasonal printing
  • Learning what they find important (it might not be what you think!) by asking the right questions
  • Educate them on how to work with you and become a trusted consultant, not a vendor
  • Additional Resources
  • And more!

Who should attend:

CEO’s, presidents and owners of Commercial Printers and Mailing companies interested in positioning their business to take advantage of this in-your-backyard opportunity.

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Apply the code “RISO617” at checkout when registering to waive the $49 registration fee.