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Religion Industry

The high level of print volume generated by religious organizations is often underestimated. The religious market is one of the largest producers of printed material in the United States. On a weekly basis connection cards, bulletins and newsletters are printed for all parishioners. In addition, there are a number of peak high-volume printing periods such as Christmas and Easter. For religious organizations paper remains the most fruitful way to generate funds, not the internet. RISO devices offer a reliable, efficient, and affordable solution for all religious print applications.

During peak printing periods for religious organizations, any downtime of a machine can be devastating. Frequent paper jams and breakdowns are a commonality among traditional toner devices due to their use of heat. RISO technology, however, is always cold, flat and dry and relies on fewer moving parts. This eliminates static and paper curling, resulting in significantly fewer paper jams and breakdowns. RISO devices can also provide the religious market with the versatility to print all applications on one machine. RISO Inkjets can easily switch from printing 11×17” bulletins to 4×6” connection cards in the same time it takes to change the paper. RISOs can even print on window envelopes, cardstock and Tyvek wristbands!

And this level of versatility comes at a high speed, printing 1,000 color bulletins in under 7 minutes and 1,000 offertory envelopes in less than 15 minutes. Yes, color can be affordable with RISO Inkjet at less than 2 cents per page, a fraction of the price of color toner. Bring all those pricey outsourced jobs back in house with a RISO.

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