Tell Us Your RISO Story




RISO, Inc. (“RISO”) seeks to educate its employees, customers, prospective customers and others about its products and services, and to promote and advertise those products and services (“Marketing Efforts”). In exchange for the opportunity to participate in RISO’s Marketing Efforts, I agree that RISO may, in its discretion, use (a) printed or transcribed statements made or provided by me, and (b) photographs and video and/or audio recordings of me (collectively, the “Recordings”).

Specifically, I irrevocably grant RISO a royalty-free sublicensable right in perpetuity to use the Recordings provided by me to RISO, in any form or format, for the Marketing Efforts and/or other purposes, in any media, available now or in the future, including mass media, websites, meetings, press releases, brochures, other marketing materials or displays, electronic media, and publication on a worldwide computer network.

I expressly grant permission for use of my name, likeness, voice, words, statements, testimonials, other personal attributes, and actions, to be used in this manner. I grant RISO the unrestricted right to edit (including transcription of video/audio recordings) the Recordings, and to combine them with other text, images, graphic elements, or other content or materials. I waive any right to inspect, preview, or approve the Recordings, or any use to which they may be put, although RISO or its agents, in their sole discretion, may consult with me as a matter of editorial guidance or courtesy. I understand and agree that RISO shall have the exclusive right, title, and interest, including copyright, in the Recordings, that I hereby assign all rights, title and interest in the Recordings to RISO, and that I retain no interest therein.

I have received and will receive no financial compensation for providing the Recordings or for use of the Recordings, and my only compensation shall be the intangible benefit to them as RISO dealers, employees of the same, and/or users resulting from customers and potential customers gaining a better understanding of RISO products and services. RISO may, however, provide me with promotional products to thank me for participating in the Marketing Efforts.

I agree to indemnify, save, and hold harmless RISO from any and all actions, claims, damages, costs, or expenses, including attorneys’ fees (“Claims”) brought against RISO by me or by any party related to or acting on my behalf, for any Claims relating to or arising out of the recording or use of the Recordings. All rights granted RISO herein extend as well to RISO’s authorized agents and its parent, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, attorneys, affiliates, licensees, consultants, contractors, and employees.

Rules governing Recordings:

  • Recordings should not feature anyone other than the individual identified above (the “submitter”).
  • Recordings should not feature any business, organization, or other entity’s (“Company”) information unless Company has reviewed and agreed to these terms and given the submitter permission to sign this Release on its behalf.
  • Recordings should be the submitter’s original work, and should not contain any content created or owned by any third party.