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“Finding the Undiscovered Problem” August 29th at 2 PM ET

“Finding the Undiscovered Problem” August 29th at 2 PM ET

RISO is partnered with Idealliance to host a webinar Tuesday, August 29th at 2 PM ET, on how to identify and solve problems your customer isn’t even aware that they have.  This webinar focuses on the mindset which one should adopt when approaching new customers to best uncover potentially undiscovered problems. In doing this, we will be highlighting the differences between printing technologies, reviewing key applications that benefit from being printed on inkjet, things to look for to identify the need for inkjet, target applications, and how the addition of inkjet can expand your print operation’s capabilities.

Brianna Tourville, Corporate Trainer of RISO, Inc. will be the primary speaker.  With over 15 years of sales and training experience, Brianna is able to offer insight into the selling mindset and psychology of selling. Her approach to training for sales stems from putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and correctly identifying problems that lead to a customized solution.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Printing Technology Differentiators
  • Inkjet’s Place in the Market
  • How to identify applications for inkjet printing
  • And more!

Who should attend:

CEO’s, presidents and owners of Commercial Printers and Mailing companies.

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Apply the code “RISO617” at checkout when registering to waive the $49 registration fee.