Please be advised that the Print Driver download center is currently under maintenance until further notice.

For your convenience, we have created a temporary solution to provide the latest versions of our all recent RISO Printer and Digital Duplicator model print drivers. Please click on the buttons below to access this temporary site.

If you require a print driver for an older version RISO Printer or Digital Duplicator, please email: to request a needed printer driver and we will make the utmost effort to satisfy your request. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the unavailability of the Print Driver download center may have caused.   


Print Drivers

Welcome to the new Print Driver download center for RISO printing equipment. The process has been streamlined to speed you through selecting and downloading the correct driver for your machine. The driver download pages to the right have been separated into categories to make searching for your driver quicker. Select a category by clicking on the button title that describes the type of driver you need. Once redirected to the download page, use the drop down menu’s to fine tune the criteria to the specific driver needed in either US English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Print Drivers for all Printer Duplicators with Internal Controllers and Network Cards. Models included are FR3950s, RN20xx/21xx, RN22xx/25xx, RP3xxx, RZ 2/3/5, RZ9 and V8 Series’.

Print Drivers for the External RIP’s including IS7000, PS7R Series, HC3R-5000 and SC Series RIP’s.