An Inkjet Solution

that Prints Color at 2.5 Cents per Copy

Tired of endless discounting?

Change the conversation and show your prospects how they can print color without disrupting the budget.

The RISO FW5000 high speed Inkjet printer is the perfect complement to the toner based devices in your company’s portfolio. Address your client’s color office needs with a 90 page-per-minute device that will allow them to print letter size, color output for 2.5 cents per page (includes Ink and Service). An FW5000 bundled with your toner devices will give your dealership the type of unique product positioning that can freeze out the competition and help your salespeople walk away with a win every time!

90 PPM Speed

90 ppm

No Heat

No Heat

Affordable Color

Help your prospects convert monochrome prints to affordable color

Interested in selling the FW5000?